Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Top Cammic SL1 is a lavalier microphone design for users with higher requirements of recording, SL1 provide the top grade condenser to offer best voice picking performance. Features an omni pickup pattern, SL1 picks voice for full 360º coverage, suitable for your super-clear voice recording.

To differentiate from others, SL1 lavalier microphone includes one more backup battery and an adapter for DSLR/Amplifier and other professional audio devices to make everything easier.

What’s more, even though there are several similar lavalier microphones, SL1 Lapel Microphone has been improved by our professional R&D members with more high-end configurations. Upgraded product in more exquisite appearance. This Lavalier Clip-on Omni-directional Condenser Microphone, designed for vocal or video use, provides clear and accurate voice recording experience to the user,which is significantly better than majority of the built in microphones, making it ideal for all sorts of recording.

For your best using of this lavailier mics, please clipping on your cloth with the cloth clipping, and wear the foam of the mics to prevent noise.


Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Transducer Electret Condenser
Plug Type 3.5mm audio plug
Frequency Range 65Hz-18KHz
Power Requirements LR44
Sensitivity -34±2dB
Output Impedance 1000Ω
Cable Length 6m





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